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Imo Madoi

Premium Japanese Vegetable Chips

Premium Japanese Vegetable Chips

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Our all-natural Premium Japanese Vegetable Chips feature hearty vegetables grown on trusted Japanese farms, a touch of raw sugar from Tanegashima, and a pinch of sea salt from Naruto.

At our small factory in Kōbe, we handcraft our chips using traditional kettle cooking combined with low-temperature vacuum cooking to produce a light, crispy snack that retains the vivid colors, authentic flavors, and healthy nutrients of our wholesome vegetables.

Enjoy them yourself, share them with family and friends, or give them as a gift.

Experience the delicious taste and crunch of this one-of-a-kind Japanese yasai chips 野菜チップス snack!

Ingredients: Sweet potato, purple sweet potato, potato, kabocha, carrot, lotus root, okra, rice bran oil, raw sugar (from Tanegashima), potato starch syrup, sea salt (from Naruto)

42 g net weight

100% Japanese ingredients

  • Handmade with care
  • All-natural, no additives
  • 100% Japanese ingredients
  • Vegan / Vegetarian
  • Dairy free
  • Gluten free
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