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Even Keel

Cinnamon Powder + Rolled Herbal Incense

Cinnamon Powder + Rolled Herbal Incense

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16 Sticks in a sleeve Great for meditation or as an outdoor bug deterrent. Use in well-ventilated Indoor areas OR outdoors. PLS NOTE: These incense are made with pure Cinnamon Powder with NO added fragrance, essential oils, or coloring. Burning will release a subtle and herbaceous scent that has a soothing earth/ smoky undertone. THESE STICKS ARE DIFFERENT Incense is traditionally made with Charcoal dust with Litsea bark as an adhesive before being dipped into the desired fragrance. These sticks, however, have been made with powdered botanicals instead of Charcoal.

Burn time: 1h 30min (per stick)

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