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Big Elliot Elephant -Butterscotch

Big Elliot Elephant -Butterscotch

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Introducing Big Elliot Elephant, your child's perfect companion for every adventure! From storytime to playtime to naptime, Big Elliot is ready to join in with open arms and a warm smile.

Snuggle-Worthy Comfort: With a soft and cuddly body, Baby Elliot is crafted for endless hugs and comfort, aiming to become your child's cherished source of solace.

Fashionable Flair: Baby Elliot rocks an adorable ensemble featuring charming overalls paired with a striped shirt, adding flair and personality to every playdate.

Lifelike Charm: Sporting an intricately embroidered face, Baby Elliot exudes lifelike charm, fostering a special bond with your child and inspiring endless imaginative adventures.

From Sydney, Australia

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