Story of Poppy & Hawk


Poppy & Hawk is the inspiration of Lori Cano. Her mother had a special nickname for Lori: POPPY.“Poppy” was born out of her mother’s love for the bright, colorful flower as well as the fact that it represented the birth month that she and Lori shared, August. After Lori’s mother passed, she started to see hawks on a daily basis. This was when she began to view the HAWK as her protector. The poppy and the hawk became symbols of comfort, strength, and peace; Lori wanted to share these traits with everyone around her!

Lori is a New Mexican native, she has called southwest Washington home for twenty three years.  A culinary chef by trade, she has a passion for New Mexican cuisine and culture. Out of a desire to showcase Lori’s love for the food, nature, and art of both the Pacific Northwest and the High Desert Southwest, Poppy & Hawk was born. 

Poppy & Hawk delivers items that are extensions of Lori’s unique and eclectic style, in a format that treats the customer in a fashion that suits the rare products: as ONE OF A KIND! Come visit us at our brick and mortar in Camas, Washington; we would love to see you!